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Because I brainwashed someone ^-^

I'm freaking awesome as a person! (ARROGANT!!!) Ps:nigahiga <3

I just brainwashed couple of my friends to watch Ouran! Hihii! Now we can enjoy it together. 4 hours till episode 4!

Destiny called me to do episode 3 before it comes out. Not that this matters to anyone but me! Still wanna do this 'cos I wanna fangirl this as much as I can <3

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First, changed my layot. Fall is coming so pink has to move away for a while. I need some black and white action going on. Well there is always Kanjani8 to give me colours in my life :)

Then I also noticed (only now..) that even I can't read my text. It's so freaking small and grey! So now on I'm gonna use violet. Why? No idea. Just recently I have liked that colour a lot. Okay and it reminds me of my friend who moved away *sobs*

My family have sold our house and moved to smaller apartment. I don't really mind 'cos most of the time I will be on another city anyway. But there is only problem! Internet sucks! I can't watch Ouran episode 3 *sobs even harder* Life is cruel...

But one happy thing comes to mind. Downloaded KAT-TUN Run for you single and ever since then I have had "Sweet chain" on replay. It's ultimately the best song on it. Well also loved "&Forever" and "Run for you". It has catching chorus. Well I think "Cosmic child" will eventually grow on me. "Diamond" not so sure..

Well I didn't had anything important for now...I plan to do pic spam on Ouran episode 3 and Run for you PV. I just need to find screencaps or make something on my own.. Anyway I'm gonna get new laptop <3 About time! I have had this old one for 5 years and it even stopped working once! But returned back to life. Zombie laptop O.o It may be slow and burns my knees but I love it anyway. Love and hatred relationship :) It's hard to give it away but new one sounds good for someone who uses it everyday. For school work of course *cough*

Ah! I plan to do my own Wink killer letter for every member in every group! I wanna shout my feelings for them :) But I need to me on the right sad mood to do that. Okay gotta run! See you!

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oh shit..this means war

Akanishi Jin's role in "47 Ronin" at risk of brutal cuts
So, remember when Akanishi Jin ditched his bandmates and flew off to America to conquer the world with his solo tour and Hollywood debut?

Yeah, me neither. But according to some insiders Tokyo Sports dug up, while filming 47 Ronin, Akanishi made quite the impression overseas.

Unfortunately, that impression was anything but honorable.

Basically, every time he stepped on set he tortured all present with a never-ending stream of NG's [retakes/outtakes]. It wasn't just the incomprehensible Engrish, they say, but the acting itself was only marginally better than food poisoning.

It got so bad [the acting, not the food poisoning] that it actually caused film delays, and the staff was getting fed up. Even though his role was supposed to be a fairly important one, most of his scenes are probably going to be cut, and they're even considering editing him out of the story altogether. Apparently, this isn't Johnny's Daycare anymore, but nobody felt it necessary to inform Jin.

Now, given all this dishonor Jin had been raining down on his home country and esteemed name of Johnny's Entertainment for all of 5 months, the only respectable solution would be ritual disembowelment. But, of course, this is Akanishi Jin, and according to sources, it seems Jin himself spent the entire shoot woefully oblivious to all the trouble he'd been causing, cheerfully tweeting away online in his signature Jinglish all about how things couldn't be better.

Nonetheless, filming has officially wrapped, so only time will tell if Arama's (shamefully neglected) scandal diva will make it onto the silver screen.

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I have limited amount of time 'cos I'm moving soon. Damn school is starting. I kinda miss it but still, less fangirling *crying*

I still celebrate this very special day that comes every year that only few selected people know. Exclusive day to special people

EITO DAY!!! <3<3<3

I love how there is also pink in the cake. Uchi! ^^

Well I found this awesome letter written for Eito day. (sorry I used it here without asking first..sharing is caring,ne?)

Dear Eighters,

I wanted to celebrate this Eito Day, not just for Eito, but for the fans as well. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the people who make this fandom so great, and really, that's everyone. We make a great fandom because we're all awesome, fun, and beautiful people, each in our way. Sometimes I feel isolated amongst my friends and family, because I am passionate about something that they can't understand, and I'm sure that some of you may feel the same way. But I'm here to assure you of this: you are not alone.

Though Kanjani8 has only been in my life for a couple of years, and this is only my third time celebrating Eito Day, some of you have been around since the very beginning and I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. There are some things I think we would miss out on if it weren't for information from the past.

To those of you who work hard to provide fanmade subtitles for the Eito fandom, thank you for everything you do. Us Eighters sometimes complain that there aren't enough subbed clips of Eito, and we forget about what has been done and that hard work that is put into it, so thank you for what you do.

Thank you to anyone who has shared video files with us, new and old. Being able to watch Eito is a wonderful gift.

Thank you to the translators who take the time to translate song lyrics, interviews, MCs, j-web entries etc. You are all very valuable to those who are unable to understand Japanese...or me who is too lazy and unfocused to try to translate it myself.

To the crafty Eighters, whose Eito-related creations serve as inspiration to us.

To the new Eighters, though you haven't been around long, its a reminder that Kanjani8 is becoming more and more popular and successful, and we hope you stick around with us to see where they go next.

To the concert-goers, thank you for writing concert reports and sharing your experience with the ones that couldn't be there. Your talent at remembering things so clearly astounds me because there are things about the concerts I've been to that I couldn't remember until last week...and I went to these concerts over a year ago.

To all the eito-related community maintainers, thank you for giving us a place to enjoy and spread the eito love.

To the Eighters on Tumblr, thank you for all the wonderful posts and picspams. Tumblr has been an excellent forum for spreading the Eito love and I enjoy Tumbling with you guys.

Finally, to EVERY eighter, whether you just entered the fandom or you've been here from the start, thank you for making this such an awesome fandom to be in. You guys are the only people on earth that can understand why I've let Kanjani8 become such a huge part of my life. I like to think that every person in the fandom plays a part, whether you're the bitch that everyone hates to hear from, the one that only speaks up when its about Ryo, or that crazy fangirl that wants to cover Yoko in bacon...we all have our part and I hope that now and in the future, we can openly share our opinions and respect the opinions of others and keep the fandom wank to a bare minimum. I'm really proud of the Eito fandom, because out of all the fandoms I've ever been in, this one produces the least amount of major drama. This is also the one fandom that has held my full attention for the longest period of time. So thank you Eighters for being the awesome people you are.

Whatever side of the world you're on, I hope everyone enjoys their Mugenday!

Love from,

Nicole (aka baconcoveredyoko)

I agree to every freaking word spelled here. I have been around longer than her. Not much but it makes difference.  I'm gatefull to every subber/translator/fic writer/artist and fan that has made me love Eito more and more. Without you here in LJ I would have given up on this fandom a long time ago. I can't do much but I make sure I always thank you for every effort you make 'cos after all Eito deserves our love. Thank you for hard work for this year also! *bows really low*

Also fanvideo made for them by miya_april  Also used without permission. (damn I such ungratefull fan this year..) Loved this also!

Enjoy the Eito craziness this year also.
Many things to come and waiting us to see. Cheers for my Osaka men!
Love you always and even longer!
kill me

I don't mind dying if them is the last thing I see

Omou! Don't know what that means just felt like it.
Just watched 2 episodes of Ouran host club drama and I made very weird KYAAA noises. My mom got worried and came to see me in my room and I blabbled to her about hosts and twins that have sex with each other so she decided to leave. "It's just one of her things" she said to my sister that also heard the noises. Haha family support <3 Really, they love even if I act like rabid fangirl 24/7.

Back to Ouran. I'm gonna put some pictures so click only if you
A) Have seen the episodes
B) Wanna be spoiled
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Sukiyanen Osaka (men)

"Friendship, truths, dreams, hopes, happiness, smiles, courage, journeys
The happiness and sadness that we've shared together upon this path that we've walked
It wasn't a coincidence that we met
And shared all these feelings in the days that passed; these overflowing feelings are infinite!"


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Ouran high school host club ;)


So it has started. Live action drama for popular manga Ouran high school! I don't know about you but 


And to think that I read the manga only few days ago. For the first time..haha.. *akward laugh*

I dunno why people have been opposed this.. Okay Yusuke doesen't exactly like a Tamaki or Hunny should be played by little kid instead or girl is ugly or etc.

Don't care! Yusuke is perfect! Has been his fan ever since Hana Kimi (loved odd type of men..) and Tumbling was heart-breaking <3 (recomended). C'moon people he is funny and can play the part just fine! And the best part of the whole drama?


Twins <3 OMG! having too comfortable brotherly relationship. My reason to watch Supernatural ;) Can't say too much about this 'cos I haven't seen the first episode but looking forward to do. Is someone out there equally hyper? UWAAA Just watch these:

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Fighting men

"Loving a band with all your heart is something you only understand when it happens to you.
On the surface, others can see it as a petty obsession, but
they’ll just never know the feeling of putting so much faith into a few people on the other side of the world"

This little quote could be talking about any band in this world. But right now, in this very situation, only one comes on my mind.


It has been really silent year for them as a band. Each member has been busy on their own. They have been all kind of rumours. Amongst them, I don't believe none. What I believe, that it's a year where others bands are making their moves. Kanjani8 fans have been glad that they are releasing so much and getting more and more attention. All the way to 24hr Terebi. For KAT-TUN it's a year to show that they are doing just fine as 5 members. They need to get much attention to fans to move on...finally..and believe in the future. And of course there is new debuting groups that are on they way to fame.

In all of this messy times, NEWS is left with no attention. Fans are worried over this. But I do believe that it's a well deserved break for them. I'm not worried. Yamapi is not leaving, Ryo is not gonna abandon them for Kanjani8, Tegomassu are not going on their own and KoyaShige are not debuting. Their need our faith to make it through and come back stronger than ever. Putting a faith is not easy. I have learned that the hard way. There are times when our sincere trust is not returned and we are left broken i back alley to die slowly. But if we don't trust anything, how can someone put faith on us? How can NEWS come back if they are not sure that their fans are gonna be there to greet them.

I have never been a big fan of NEWS. I'm aware of that in every possible way. Still I couldn't picture my life without them. I sing along their song and my favourite concerts are from them. Member-ai is not the same Arashi has but it's more natural. And I smile when I see them, hear them. Laugh to their silly jokes, cry with them in dramas. It's called affection. Obsession to someone maybe but to me just love.

Put your faith in NEWS. You are not gonna be disappointment. They will come. As fighting men once again. And I'm gonna be there to tell them: "Tadaima" when it happens. NEWS is loved and will be loved in the future. For many generations to come.

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Cat person

Does anyone here own a cat? My whole family is a dog person, only I like cats. I don't hate dogs or anything I just hate that their stamina. I want someone to cuddle with not someone who I have to take out like one every hour. It's hard for me 'cos I'm lazy. But our family owns 2 dogs, well currently 6 'cos we made puppies. Here:

3 girls and one boy. Don't ask which is which! I can't tell them apart!

Well so I have two grown-up cats. They turned 8 this June. And I love them even more than myself. They are my babies, boyfriends and best friends. <3

Lilli is the older sister. She has mind of her own and I truly believe so understands my every word. She is very jealous of me and misses me when I'm gone. Lilli cuddles a lot and sometimes takes a nap with me. I don't deny it but she is my favourite one. Sometimes she runs away from home and stays away like weeks. I don't worry of her. She will always come back for me like she always does. She has a very interesting habits. Like a dog, she goes to door to check who is coming. Well she has lived with dogs with her whole life. And looks down everyone of them. HAha she is truly the Queen of the house. I could talk about her all day long. Here she is:

  Taking a nap as usual. ^^

My other cat Lotta is Lilli's little sister. We were suppose to get only one cat but then the we got a call that they are gonna put her so sleep if there is no home for her. She had a trouble with tail so no one really wanted to keep her. She we ended up taking her no matter what. Lotta is more a lady like. I always say that Lilli is more like town boy and Lotta is so lady like. Her manners are good and she is almoust too well behaving for a cat. And she doesen't like people at all. Well other than me. Lotta always hides when someone comes in and I have to look for her hours! Usually she is in some tight spot that you would never think that fits a cat in there O.o Here:

Lovely <3

Well I could tall about them more but reason for this writing is that I have to leave them soon. Within 2 weeks my school starts and I'm gonna live in dorm. No pets allowed! Sad :( I'm leaving them for my mum who is most okay with cats around. I hope they won't miss me too much to drive my family nuts. And after all I'm gonna miss them more *sob*

Share me your cat stories! I wanna have cat person talk! Arent we all crazy for our cats, nee?

Well this isn't one of the reasons why I like cats *blush* But isn't there something erotic with cats and naked men? *gets slapped*
I better go sleep now...Mata ne!!

love them

My first meme!

I have depressed myself for thinking too much of KAT-TUN and Jin. Oh well in between those tears, I smile for all the good memories <3 But Now I wanna spend time thinking the group that never fails to give rainbow filled days. ARASHI MEME! ^^

1) Who would you get caught in bed with?
  • I can't say that I haven't thought about this. But 'cos I'm still virgin that's need to be taken into consideration. I think it would be Sho after all. Aiba is way too experimental, Ohno and Nino too active and Jun..well..just don't wanna. So Sho with all his gentleman look and kind nature

2) Who would you most likely get into a fight with?
  • I rarely fight with anyone unless they drive me nuts for some reason. I think I would be fighting a lot with Jun. He just tickles my nerves time to time. And who can be mad at Aiba? And Ohno is too lazy to argue, Sho too kind and Nino is so much like me.

3) Who do you think is hot?
  • Can I say all?? No? Okay based looks only it's Nino! OHMYGOD what a smirk and snarky smile and body <3 Uwaa he just did he's stare and signature wink *dead*

4) Who will you most likely marry?
  • I will never ever mary anyone, not even JE boys. But if I had to I wanna marry Ohno. We would have peaceful life, I would do what ever I wanna do while he goes fishing. And never argue about anything. Perfect couple with mutual understanding for personal spaces and cuddle time when we need that

5) Who would you go on a date with?
  • Aiba of course! He would never fail to suprise with his dates. Even going with zoo or amusement park would be perfect with his enthuastic nature. I would never date Jun or Sho. Sounds boring. They would probably take me to some fancy restaurant with too many forks and our conversations would be akward. Even going fishing with Ohno or staying home playing games sounds more fun!

6) Who is most like you?
  • I'm secret Ohmiya baby. I have some for both of them. Like Ohno, I like to stay my own world and just watch the reality pass by. And I'm silent, calm type. And like Nino I  would rather stay home, watch movie, play games rather than going out. And I can be pretty snarky and sarcastic when I get into mood. Maybe Nino more than Ohno..I wanna see my parents :(
7) Who could you be enemies with?
  • I would never go too as far as being enemies but Jun seems like good choice. I kinda wanna slap him too. And just watch from disctance with evil look in my eyes. Yes, I'm S

8) Who would be your hang out/shopping buddy?
  • Aiba! Anything he wears it looks good! I wanna have same selfconfidence and weird clothes! I want everything he wears <3

9) Who will you have a one night stand with?
  • One night stand..haha Nino. Girl can dream right :D I couldn't resist him if he would come to me like: "Your place or mine ;)"

10) Who will get along with your parents/family?
  • Aiba. We are all pretty weird so he would fit just right with his bubbly personality there is no language barries

11) Who would you fall in love with?
  • Aiba. Wait did I just say I would marry Ohno, have sex with Sho and Nino  but fall in love with Aiba? Arashi makes things complicated..  But he just so huggable. I can't resist that cuteness <3

12) Who would you want to be your brother?
  • I wanna have Sho as my big bro. He would care for me and do all my homeow

13) How would you confess your love for them?
  • Probaly in some akward way. I think I would write letter or poem. That's my strong point. I could never say it face to face

14) Who do you think has the sexiest body?
  • Sho. Just see AnAn if you don't agree ;)  PERFECT BODY

15) Who do you think will give the best sex ever?
  • Aiba. That would be something I would treasure for ever

16) Situation: you saw the most gorgeous dress that you want to buy for a function but the price explodes right out of your budget, so you go up to one of the boys and ask to borrow some of his money. His reaction would be…
  • Aiba: It looks so good on you. Let's buy that!
  • MatsuJun: Fashion costs money but that's not fashion baby. *shows another dress that costs even more*
  • Nino: I'm not buying that for you
  • Ohno: Ah okay. *hands the money*
  • Sho: Do you really need that dress? *Me:nod* Okay let's buy it.
17) What nicknames would you call the boys?
  • Aiba - Aibaby
  • MatsuJun - Junpon
  • Nino - Ninpon
  • Ohno - Riida or Tsuribaka
  • Sho - PERFECT BODY! Okay not he would be Zero :P
18) Who is most likely to settle in a quiet town beside the beach and find pleasure sitting and watching the sun rise and set?
  • definitely it's Riida. Not even thinking others
19) Who is most likely to be spotted at the buffet table?
  • Ohno. That dude eats everything and any time
20) Who would you like to go on an exotic vacation in Italy with?
  • Jun. Sounds like fancy trip. He has been there, right? Or was it Sho? What ever I would be with Jun buing latest fashion objects
21) Who do you want to be the godfather of your kids (with any of the boys)?I will have 5 kids so I can all of them <3

I also take this opportunity to advertise my work.

Just watch it tell me what you think. Laters ^^