neiro90 (neiro90) wrote,

I hate the B-word

So here I am again.
Typing text on my worn-out computer.
Outside there another rainy day. I guess summer never changes in here.

Today I'm turning 23.
Not the thing, I'm most proud of, but I guess it doesen't matter anyway.
Why should I care?
It wasn't my choice to be born anyway.

I have never been much of a party animal.
I use to hate birthdays, christmas, easter, thanksgiving etc.
Every freaking reason to het family together to celebrate.
I hated expecially the days when I was the star of the day.
Graduation should be happy thing, not the worst nightmare.
Well I still hate these days, and today is not expception.

Well not at the age of 23, what have I achieved so far.
Looking back I see nothing worth mentioning.
Still single, still not living at her own, still at school.
So far not so good. I'm useless.
But I'm rather optimisctic about future.
I here by declare that my next birthday post will be full of positive words!

Until then, i continue to hate my own birthday.
Again I celebrate it with my family and friends.
On the inside, I just wish this day would be over soon.
Tags: me
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