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Possibility of happy endings

I have always been a dreamer. Let's call it a believer. Or a fool. That's what I am.
I believe that there is goodness in everyone as well as evil. I believe that everything happens for a reason. We don't know why something happens, not right now. But some day we will.
I believe in magic. Not kind of magic that happens in Happy Potter or so. I believe little things such as miracles or fated encounter. 
I believe in love at first sight. I dream about it. Just believing so gives me a courage to believe so. I believe in destiny.

And I believe in happy endings.

I have started to watch a show called "Once upon a time". It's perfect for a fantasy lover just like me. And I love for it 'cos there is fairy tale characters in real world that still manage to get through life as happily as in every book or story. It gives me hope to believe that fairy tales do exist in our world too. Just in different shape and form. We might know it but we all live in our own story book. 
My story..well it has less romance than it should but it's still pretty readable. I'm the writer of my own story so I can do what ever I want. Even a happy ending.

But until we get there, we all must go through a path, a plot and all it's little twists and turns and disappointments. Without story would be boring. Mine has just started. 

I believe that we all make our own happy endings. Just believing so is a very powerful thing. And I will hold on to that. Always

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