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What if..

Do you ever think about your life and realise that it could be fairly different if you had made different choice back then.
Maybe you wouldn't live in the same place you do now, met the same people that you hang out every day or maybe there would be whole different looking person right now readind my text.

What if..? I don't think that is a bad question to ask of ourselves. It puts the things in the right place, in right order, where they should be. Makes us value our present days. But also regret the past mistakes.

If we talk about myself, I only do have one regret. One mistake I wish, and I have, tried to correct. Rest of my mistakes only have made a better person, but this one I will always carry deep within myself.

But I'm tired of thinking "what if" and decided to take actions instead. So when I'm old, I think to myself:

"Hey atleast I tried!"

So we will see what comes next. Just wanna encourage you all to think what you wanna change and just do it! I did, and now the ball is on the other we will see..maybe..

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