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Hisashiburi (久しぶり)

Long time no see!

Lot has happened since my last entry, both in JE world and my own.
I shall start writing again 'cos I have been having a lot of problems lately. Mainly caused by lack of fangirlism.
Who am I try fool? I need them in my life to keep my sanity at a proper level.
This weekend I dedicate my time to them as well as my own well being.

I started writing poems again. They never seem to change into positive ones.
On the outside I may seem a happy bubbly personality but inside I'm a big mess with lot of on-going issues with myself and people around me. I really should go see therapeutist one of these days. This may sound weird, but here me out.
All of my life I have wished I had psychic abilities, not knowing or maybe not realising I have these. I sense ghost, Yeah not in the way you think. I dont actually see them but I feel them around me. It has never bothered me, until now. It keeps me awakr at night. Well maybe proper version would be someone is keeping me awake. I'm tired and my lack of sleep is probaly one more reason for this writing process.

Anyway, I go watch scary movie soon, Haunting in Connecticut. I have heard it based on true strory (like they always have) but I'm super excited to see it. Maybe it will calm my nerves and a whoever spirit os bothering me to finally show up tell me what it wants.
Okay I go now but I will be back with my random chatting with myself so I can read this when I'm old and dying and remember how I use to be so awesome.
Tags: ghost, me, movie, poems, random, writing
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